Day 1: Phoenix, Arizona (Morning Session Update)

Workshop Leader: Mallory Matsumoto (Anthropology)

We began our first morning with a meditation led by Julian Saporiti (American Studies) to ground ourselves before launching into our first workshop discussion.  Next, we discussed how to meaningfully collaborate over the next two weeks, developed expectations for our group discussions, and set ground rules for communal space.


Yoon Shim (Anthropology) then discussed her efforts to gain a permit entry to Gila River Reservation, where the Gila River Japanese Concentration Camp was situated in World War II. Julian work-shopped his song on Gila River.


Mallory Matsumoto then launched us into the discussion of two articles: Eiichiro Azuma’s, “Race, Citizenship, and The Science of “Chick Sexing” and Takeyuki Tsuda’s, “I’m American, not Japanese!’: the Struggle for racial citizenship among later-generation Japanese American.”  We discussed understandings of identity within our respective disciplines, then talked about our personal relationships to Asian American identity/identities.

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